Technique to Resolve Outlook Error Code 255 with Simple Steps

In fast growing era of technology, Microsoft has introduced Outlook for Mac and fulfilled user’s demand. Outlook for Mac and Windows are different by file formats only. As Outlook for mac supports OLM file format to store data whereas Outlook for Windows supports PST file format for data storage. While working on Outlook, sometimes users face various types of errors, which occur due to various reasons such as file corruptions, hardware failures, virus attacks, etc. One such Outlook error code 255, faced by users while working on Outlook for Mac is discussed below in the following session.


Outlook Error 255 Faced by Users

One of the forum post that is taken from Microsoft is discussed below. It will help to understand more clearly, what error user’s face while working on Outlook for Mac.

"I launched Outlook 2011 on my Mac machine but my Outlook is keep on closing after two seconds. Along with this, at bottom of the screen there is a brief flashing in the toolbar after that nothing. Then I checked the console and found that this is Outlook Error Code 255. The error is:

Outlook Error Code 255

Mac Outlook users face an error code 255 that causes some problem for users while working on Mac machine. As the Outlook 2011 for Mac does not open and it keeps closing after two seconds of launch of Outlook 2011. After that at the bottom of the screen, there is an occurrence of short flashing in the toolbar but nothing happens. In such type of occurrence of a problem, user needs to check for the issue and resolve it, to utilize the Outlook email data easily.

Reason of Occurrence for Outlook Error Code 255

Many times, while working on Outlook 2011, suddenly a power cut occurs and users are not having power backup, which results in improper system shut down. At that time, Outlook starts retrieving emails from server and when Outlook is launched again then, it may fail. It results in way that when the user click on the icon, it bounces once and after that nothing happens even after rebooting the system.

Solution to Resolve Outlook Error Code 255

The error code 255 is occurred due to corruption in database and in return, users are unable to open Outlook on their system. The error can be removed by following the mentioned steps but before following the steps, user must take backup and quite all Office apps.

  • Select Go to option from the menu bar >> Applications >> Microsoft Office 2011 >> Office >> Microsoft Database Utility

    Rebuild the Database
  • Now try to rebuild the identity as shown in image below.

    Rebuild the Database
  • The Outlook database will start rebuilding. Once the procedure is completed, click on “Done” button as shown in the image given below.

    Rebuild the Database
  • Now close the MS database utility.

Conclusion: In the above discussion, the problem and the cause for the occurrence of error is discussed. To resolve the occurrence of an Outlook 2011 for Mac does not Open, a solution for re-building the process is described. According to experts, by following the process in a proper way user can remove error the occurrence of an error and can use their Outlook easily.