Resolve Outlook 2011 Calendar not Syncing with Exchange Server Issue

Outlook 2011 is designed for Mac Operating Systems; and just like Windows, Mac OS users can either run the application individually or synchronize it with Exchange Server for a collaborative environment.

Working in a collaborative environment means that the application not only ensures communication but also the creation and sharing of personal information like notes or calendars. As a result, sometimes the users are stuck with issues that result in failure of such data access or sharing. A similar case is when, Outlook 2011 Calendar not syncing with exchange server takes place. Due to this, users encounter problems such as missing calendar appointments, unable to edit meeting, and recurring events are not displayed. The reason responsible for such behavior is connectivity problem between the mail client and Exchange Server or issue with protocols, etc. In this article we will discuss the issues that user faces when they want to synchronize their email client with Exchange Server.

Perpetrators of Outlook 2011 Calendar not Syncing with Exchange Server

  • If all existing devices are updated, it will corrupt the calendars
  • Connectivity issue between email client and Exchange Server
  • Admin upgrades Exchange Server to improve performance and capacity

Listing the issues and queries asked by the users while using Outlook 2011 with Exchange Server:

New Appointment Unable to Sync with Exchange

Question - “I have made many attempts to add appointments to my default calendar but they do not sync with the cloud, why?”

Answer - You can directly create them in cloud by using Move to Folder command and after adding appointments directly on cloud, you can use refresh button present in Calendar ribbon to initiate synchronization between Outlook and Exchange.

Outlook is not showing Appointments

Question - “My all appointments are disappeared from Outlook, how i can get them back?”

Answer - Whenever you are using Outlook 2011 with Exchange, it will create a new calendar in Exchange profile and Exchange will move all appointments to it. you can also take a view of appointments on Outlook and if you want the all appointments in default calendar, you need to drag them in default calendar.

Meetings do not sync to iCloud

Question-”I am unable to sync meetings to cloud, please assist.”

Answer- if it is not syncing automatically, you need to move the meetings in iCloud folder.

Manual Ways to Sync Calendars in Outlook for Mac 2011 with Exchange

Step 1: Firstly backup Outlook Identity

  • Exit all the applications.
  • Go to the Go menu
  • Now click Home.
  • Open Documents/Microsoft User Data.
  • Hold CONTROL button,
  • Click Office 2011 Identities,
  • Then click Duplicate.
  • A copy of the folder will be created

Step 2: Now synchronize Outlook data using sync service

  • Go to the Tools tab, and click Sync Services
  • Click on the Calendar check box
  • In Select the accounts to sync, select the account that you want to sync
  • On the Outlook folder to add new items, go to the pop-up menu
  • Now users can select the location in Outlook where they want new items to be saved.
  • Close the Sync Services dialog box
  • Now click on Sync iCal Calendars check box to select the calendars that user wants to sync
  • In the end click Apply and then Click on Sync.

With the solution given above, user can understand the root cause of Outlook 2011 Calendar not Syncing with Exchange Server Issue and Got a simple guide to tackle with the related consequences and overcome the problem.