Rectify the Issue that Mac Outlook 2011 Hangs and Crashes on Startup

Applications are designed to automate procedure largely. However, the problem comes when these applications only slow down or encounter issues. Apple Mac is no exception in this, and has often surfaced issues where Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes or hangs at startup. As an attempt of resolving the same condition, a number of workarounds have been discussed below. Read more to find out what causes the application to malfunction this way and how this condition can be dealt with.


What Makes Outlook for Mac 2011 Malfunction?

Malfunctions are caused either due to human errors or because of application failure. In both cases, the failure results in non-performance leading to non-productivity. Outlook for Mac 2011, for instance, can surface such behavior because of lack of permissions, issues with the disk, or excessive usage of the processor.

Fixtures for Outlook for Mac 2011 Crashes or Hangs at Startup Issue

Owing to the various reasons of failure, following segment is dedicated to discussing the applicable fixtures that can resolve the stated issue. When Outlook for Mac 2011 keeps crashing or freezing in between, it depicts the technical glitches either with the application or with its data. Read on to know the applicable solutions to fix the situation of a crashing application:

  • Identity Verification:

    Unlike Outlook for Windows, there is a folder on Mac machines namely; Office 2011 Identities that stores all data records and database associated to the configured Outlook profile. On moving this folder from its default path, Outlook automatically detects the same and generates a new database. To troubleshoot the issue, follow the given steps:

    1. Quit all Office related applications
    2. Select Home from the Go menu
    3. Open Documents followed by Microsoft User Data
    4. Drag and drop Office 2011 Identities on to the desktop
    5. Now open Outlook for Mac 2011

    If the issue gets resolved by following the above-mentioned steps then probably it was probably occurring because of the Outlook database itself. Therefore, for a long-term solution, you will have to repair the database of your Outlook. In order to do so, follow the instructions in the segment given below.

  • Rebuilding Database - Choose Wisely

    The decision of rebuilding a database should be your last resort to come out of such a situation. There are plenty of other ways to resolve the situation, which must be considered before coming down to database rebuilding.

    Microsoft Database Utility features the rebuild option for repairing the existing Outlook for Mac 2011 profile database. One can select the desired database and try repairing it.

    NOTE: Always ensure maintaining a backup of your Identity before playing around with it.

Issue Not Resolved:

When the issue is not resolved you can try running Outlook for Mac 2011 in a Safe Mode or perform a Clean Start-up. Doing this only checks and confirms whether a backup application was interrupting the functioning of Microsoft Office for Mac, if any.

Conclusion: The suggested above workarounds may help in fixing the issue where Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes or hangs at start-up. However, one more thing that you can do is go for a new profile creation, if feasible enough. For further queries, leave a comment and a suitable revert will be made in the soonest possible time.