Approach to Resolve Error Code 17099 Outlook 2011 for Mac

Nowadays MS Outlook is a commonly used email application. Even the number of users has increased after the introduction of Office for Mac. Outlook for Mac offers an easy way to communicate but sometimes while working, user faces corruption of OLM file. In this blog, we will discuss on one such errors faced by users and a way to overcome it. However, before that it is important to understand what exactly OLM files are.

OLM is the file extension, which stores the entire data for Mac Outlook. It works in a similar way as PST on Windows based OS. Just like a PST, OLM also saves all Outlook emails, notes, calendar, contacts, etc., on Mac platform. However, many times OLM file gets corrupted or damaged, which results in loss of crucial data.

How OLM Files Are Corrupted?

There are various reasons because of which, OLM files are corrupted, and user faces an issue. The most common reason of OLM file corruption is virus attack on system. Sometimes, Outlook edition is outdated because of which OLM files are corrupted. Many times, OLM files are corrupted because of MS Exchange server crash, removal of media failure where OLM files are stored. It is clear with one of the query, which is taken from a popular Mac forum:

“While working on my Mac machine, I am unable to send or receive any mail from my Outlook and receiving an error code 17099 Outlook 2011 for Mac. I have to send an urgent official mail and all my work is affected because of this error message. Therefore, can anyone guide me right approach to get out of the situation?”

Solution for Error Code 17099 Outlook 2011 for Mac

Users can remove the corruption of OLM data, by replacing the corrupted file data with the copy of OLM data. Otherwise, create a new Outlook account and if while working on the new profile; there is no occurrence of error code 17099 then there must be a problem in the preference settings. To remove this, quite Outlook and remove the preference settings to reopen an Outlook to resolve an error issue. However, if it does not work, then user can use the two methods, which helps to overcome from the error issue.

Resolving an Error Code 17099 through Manual Method

User can resolve the error message, by rebuilding the database for Mac Outlook by utilizing MS Database utility. To use this, follow the mentioned steps:

  • First, close all the applications running on your machine.
  • Click on the MS Database Utility, which is inside the applications and select MS Office 2011.
  • The application will display the database, which is required to be reconstructed >> Rebuild and begin the procedure.
  • Once the process is started, a progress Window will be appeared on the screen. After completing the procedure, a message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the “Done” option to close the Window.


There are some limitations in using this process, as the process is quite lengthy and time consuming. Many times, it does not resolve an error, and even there are chances of data loss by utilizing this procedure.

Fix an Error Code 17099 Outlook 2011 for Mac by Utilizing Third Party Tool

To overcome all the limitations, which are faced by the users in utilizing the manual process. There is a software namely, OLM Recovery. It is easy to use and resolve all the error issues by marinating the data integrity. It saves user time, by recovering bulk of OLM data at once. It provides an option to recover and convert the OLM data to EML file format. It offers an option to store the data at desired location after completing the process. It is fully safe and secure to utilize.


In the above blog, there are two ways, which are mainly discussed for fixing Error Code 17099 Outlook 2011 for Mac. As the first method, have some limitations. Therefore, according to experts, user should utilize second method, which is a timing saving utility for users to utilize.