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Get the screenshots of the OLM viewer software that helps to Read View OLM files for FREE. With the Free OLM Viewer download user can enjoy the free opportunity to Open OLM file in Windows free thus solve the issue of inaccessibility of OLM files. Following the screenshots given user can get OLM free view effortlessly. The screenshots that exhibits how to read view OLM files is all the exact steps that the full version of the software holds. Understand what exact the tool describes before attempting for OLM FREE View by loading the OLM files to the tool.


OLM Free Viewer » Screenshots

Firstly Go to OLM File Viewer program to begin the procedure of Viewing OLM files Free

Step 1 » Download FREE OLM Viewer to Read OLM Files
The initial screen will give you the option to "Open" desired OLM files

Step 2 » Click on “Open” and browse for the desired file at the preferred location on your system

Step 3 » After browsing and selecting the OLM file; click on “Open

Step 4 » Select the file and click on "Open" option

Step 5 » Your OLM file will automatically start getting scanned and the rate of "Scanning" is shown as below

Step 6 » After the completion of scan procedure; click on “Ok” in the following wizard to proceed

Step 7 » The software will prompt you for saving the scanned OLM file; click on "Yes" or "No" accordingly

Step 8 » Clicking on Yes will take you to the following window were the OLM file will be displayed on the software interface

Step 9 » If the file is selected; the left panel of the software will display the contents stored in the OLM file along with folders as well as sub folders

Step 10 » Click on any of the desired file and the software will display its integral data as well